ERM Process Evaluation (NC State Univ.)

This evaluation tool is designed to assist senior executives and their boards of directors in better understanding the strength and relevance of their organization’s existing risk oversight processes.

ERM Maturity Tool for Higher Ed Programs

From United Educators, this tool allows you to qualitatively assess each aspect of ERM: purpose and scope, centralization and accountability, process and campus risk management culture.

Template Risk Assessment Report

A sample risk assessment report. The purpose of this sample report is to help entities prioritize risks based on probable organizational impact.

Risk Assessment Tool

This document consists of a risk assessment worksheet and management plan template.

Risk Ranking Criteria

Example and template of risk ranking criteria reference table.

Using a Risk Map to Guide Mitigation Efforts

Based on a three-point rating scale. This guide is from Gallagher.

International standard makes risk management easier

This is an article from Business Insurance magazine about the ISO 31000 international risk management standard.

Enterprise Risk Management in the Public Sector

This is an article that was published in PRIMA's Public Risk magazine in 2007. The information in this article pertaining to ISO 31000 is out of date, however the history and overview are still instructive.

Overview of ISO 31000: The International Standard on Risk Management

This is a PowerPoint presentation from Gallagher that goes over the evolution of risk management, key concepts and definitions, components of the standard and implementation advice and resources. Check out the notes field in the presentation to get even more out of this presentation.

ERM Guidelines

This document from the British Columbia government outlines recommended practices to apply in public sector seetings.
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Works well. Thanks for sharing
1 year 3 weeks ago
links aren't working
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The document was not available
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