The PRIMA Cybrary is your members-only resource for a variety of sample documents that every risk manager needs, including RFPs, job decriptions, checklists, workplans, insurance information and more. It has been completley redesigned to assist you in your risk management program efforts.Use this resource as a starting point for all of your risk management-related projects! A large number of the items in the Cybrary come directly from PRIMA members as well as through members sharing in PRIMA Community. PRIMA members can navigate the Cybrary by using the main gray title bar and browse through the five main categories. Floating your mouse over these categories will prompt a list to appear with more categories to help you refine your search. You can also just click on one of the categories to go a map of that category's documents.Members can now comment on specific documents, navigate via "tags" and easily find what they need using the featured and popular categories located in the upper right hand box. If you have any questions and/or would like to contribute to the PRIMA Cybrary, contact PRIMA's Education & Training Department at education@primacentral.org or 703.528.7701. Cybrary contributions can be emailed (preferrably in an editable document) to education@primacentral.org with the subject "Cybrary Document".  

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Works well. Thanks for sharing
11 months 3 weeks ago
links aren't working
2 years 11 months ago
The document is not available - page not found
3 years 2 weeks ago
The document was not available
3 years 2 weeks ago